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Different from the Rest

Welcome To the Pit is a training facility located in Akron, OH. At Welcome To The Pit, we pride ourselves on offering different types of training.  We offer cardio, resistance training, bodybuilding,  powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman, and much more.  The facility is open 24 hours a day for all members.


Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that people have different training goals, which is why we provide different training environments and equipment, empowering our members to achieve those goals. Come visit us and experience a facility with different types of training that can transform your fitness goals into a reality. 

What We Offer


Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation

Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation

Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation


Need tips on fundamental and technique during weight training through the convenience of video critique and online communication? Online training may be the route for you. This is an every growing tend in the fitness world. Train on your own time and get the knowledge and expertise you need through our online coaching service.

Personal training is available as well for those who want in-person interaction becoming motivated, inspired, empowered, accountable and consistently focused on your long-term fitness goals. Stop by and ask about our personal training options!

For those looking for a road map to nutritional success, meal planning is something we offer at WTTP as well. Whether your goal is to lose fat,  or to put on muscle we cater our meal plans uniquely to the individual's personal goals. 


Machines and Cardio Equipment

Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation

Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation

WTTP offers cardio, equipment and an ever grown list of machines from brands ranging from Rogue, Precor, Hammer Strength,  EliteFTS, Body Solid, LifeFitness, Octane and more.

We offer treadmills, rowers, ellipticals and bikes to increase the heart rate and shed pounds. If you are looking to switch it up, train on our sleds, tractor tires or hit the heavy bags/speed bag or raise your heart rate with our battle rope as well! Fitness is not only about consistency, its about variation, we provide the tools you need to keep your training fun!


Free Weights/Strength Training Equipment

Online Training, Personal Training & Meal Plan Consultation

Free Weights/Strength Training Equipment

 Come visit us and try out our strength equipment. We have a wide variety of traditional equipment and equipment seldom seen in gyms in the area.

 We are the only gym in the area that has equipment such as: competition benches (3) and plates, deadlift platforms (3), power racks, a monolift, bumper plates, jerk boxes, bench press boards, specialty bars (texas deadlift, squat and power bars, as well as olympic lifting bars), bands, a prowler, a yoke, a reverse hyper and  field turf and a boxing area.

 In addition, we have dumbbells up to 150lbs. and a strongman log, kegs and much more! 

Testimonials from our Members

eric eskridge

"I’ve only ever really workout at commercial gyms.  For me this is the best gym I’ve been to. Especially as a inspiring powerlifter, they have everything I need and more. I love that they have more than two benches and three deadlift platforms. It’s 24/7 and the gym is always clean, plus you can beat their price as a gym. "

Angela Cline

"I absolutely love this place. It is clean and had everything you need at a reasonable price. You also can't beat the 24 hour access!"

taylor conner

"Family owned gym with Top of the line equipment, owners of the facility are the nicest and open people heart people that are down to earth! 24/7 is a big perk, but the best part is the low monthly membership with no fee!"

Seth S

"If you’re tired of overpriced, crowded gyms come check out Welcome to the Pit! Suitable for any level of experience, with a focus on powerlifting and strength training. Quality equipment, clean gym, and friendly owners. Best gym around. "

Matthew Silcox

"I can't speak highly enough about this gym. If you are serious about your training, there is no other gym in the area that you should consider. Toby and his wife are some of the kindest, welcoming, and knowledgeable people I have ever met. I am constantly asking questions and throwing out ideas and they always respond with a smile and helpful feedback. The equipment is top-shelf whether you're a serious powerlifter, olympic weightlifter, crossfitter, bodybuilder, or average fitness enthusiast. Add 24/7 access and unbelievable membership fees and you have a unicorn of a gym. You're remiss if you live in Akron and don't come check this place out. "

Sushburg R

"WTTP is the place to be not only if you are serious about your programming and lifting, but also if you are a novice and want a relaxed atmosphere with quite a variety of equipment. I have trained at WTTP since January 2018.  From the moment I stepped in for a welcoming tour, I was convinced that this facility could help me be me and assist me to focus on the goals I have set for myself.  For the powerlifter, there are varieties of bars for each lift. For the bodybuilder, there are many styles of weight plates and pairs of dumbells up to 150 lbs. For the Olympic lifters there are Oly plates, matts, platforms and boxes for pulls. For those who want to get on a bike, a treadmill or elliptical, you are accommodated.  A few added attractions that I sometimes use are the Prowler and the Yoke carry . Many people use the battle ropes and sandbags. For 24/7 access and very reasonable rates, you can't lose for checking out Welcome to the Pit." 

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